Keep internal linking to a minimum

It’s a rather straight forward strategy, remove any internal links that aren’t necessary and be as vigilant about it as you would be with external links on a site hit by the Penguin. Let the index page link only to the top categories, let the categories link to the products/articles in the categories and if there are too many products in a category consider subcategories instead. Make use of tags but stay clear of tag clouds and leave any site wide  outbound links in the bin where they belong.

Mr Cutts, you have a problem with your SEO

To be honest, this is written by Googles PR agency in Sweden, JustPR. However, I’m certain that me buying Keyword Rich Anchor Text links from a PR agency would not go well in a reconsideration request and I do expect Google to hold their own suppliers to the same standards that they hold mine. You need to deal with this Matt Cutts, maybe have a real SEO give you a second opinion on your article marketing in Sweden.

Is the quality of the search results dropping?

Personally, I almost always claim that the quality of Googles search results constantly increase. My argument has always been that we are getting pickier and picker as searchers. I might reconsider.

The changes of the last year are causing a lot of trouble for us working in smaller markets, Scandinavia is my primary region now with Swedish as the biggest language with its 9 million inhabitants. I’ve used to claim that competitive SEO breeds better web sites as quality of the content is key to ranking. This way Google have made us all compete with higher and higher quality.

When SEO in Melbourne Is A Necessity

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