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Sunset SEO is run by Magnus Brath, SEO specialist at Pineberry. Magnus and Pineberry are well known for delivering great results in very competitive segments and markets, online gambling with poker, casino and betting for example.

In June 2006 Magnus sold his own SEO company (Sökmotorkonsult – translates to Search Engine Consultant) to Stockholm based Pineberry a company just started by entreprenuers Stefan Mahlstein and Michael Wahlgren. The SEO business became the core of Pineberry that quickly got a good reputation in the online gaming segment.

Magnus moved to Malta and then after another year to Costa Rica, still working with SEO strategies for Pineberry.


Reputation Management

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Reputation Management

Reputation management is the art of keeping a specific individual or company in the news via a series of well timed blog posts, articles, and other forms of advertisement. The point of reputation management is to garner, and then maintain, a uniformly positive public image for the individual or company in question. 

Where Reputation Management Is Most Useful

If a person has recently experienced a round of bad publicity that has damaged his or her ability to maintain their position in business or politics, it is the task of a GMG reputation management specialist to reverse the trend of negative press by providing the media, particularly the Internet, with a series of press releases, articles, blog posts, and the like that are designed to show the individual in a far more positive light. 

Adjusting Public Perception Makes Solid Business Sense

Adjusting the public’s perception of a specific individual or company makes solid business sense at GMG SEO. This is where reputation management comes in. When a person conducts a Google search for “Jim Public” or “Jim Public, Inc.”, it is in the company’s best interests that the person doing the search comes upon a press release or positive story concerning that individual or company.

By superseding negative press with positive reports, the public perception of that person or business is inundated with good press, thus cancelling out the bad. After all, bad press leads to diminished returns for a business, and thus negatively impacts their future. This is precisely why reputation management is so important.


Selecting a Digital Agency in Melbourne

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Selecting a Digital Agency in Melbourne

When a person needs a digital agency in Melbourne, he never has to panic over a lack of options, to say the very least. Coming across a digital agency in Melbourne isn’t at all rare. Since the large city has so many companies in general, it’s no big surprise that there are a good number of digital marketing agencies there, as well. 

Searching for a GMG digital agency Melbourne can sometimes be an exercise in dedication. When people look for companies that fit this description, they always have to focus on their exact requirements. When people fail to narrow down their options in digital firms, their choices can often get extremely overwhelming. The more specific a person is about the digital agency in Melbourne he wants to hire, the better chances he has of getting success in that department, naturally.

Once a person finally finds a digital agency in Melbourne that he may want to work with, it’s his job to dig a little deeper. It isn’t enough for a digital marketing agency to have a friendly or helpful staff, for example. Digital agencies also have to provide the desired services. If an individual finds a trusted digital marketing agency but discovers later that they don’t specialise in content management systems (CMS), he may be disappointed if that’s exactly what he needed in the first place. Some common services that are available at digital agencies include strategy, analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, identity branding, social media management, website design, website development, user experience (UX) design, responsive website design, mobile application development and much more. When a person finds a digital agency that seems promising, he should make sure that they have exactly what he needs before proceeding further and potentially wasting his precious time.

Beyond available services, there are other crucial considerations involved, namely service rates and staff member expertise. Digital agencies sometimes vary wildly in the price department.